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Training Resources for Puppy Foster Guardians and Adopters During the COVID-19 Crisis

Training Resources for Puppy Foster Guardians and Adopters During the COVID-19 Crisis

Low-cost Spay and Neuter Clinics

Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics

All OTAT PDX dogs are spayed and neutered. For your other pets, visit one of these clinics to schedule a low-cost spay/neuter surgery.

Unable to pay for your dog’s spay/neuter surgery?
Email us at

Here are some other local resources:
Paw Team
Oregon Humane Society
Born Again – Low cost spay and neutering for pitbulls

Decompression Tips

Decompression Tips

Decompression is a gradual adjustment to a new environment following a major life event. These resources are meant to guide new adopters or foster homes as their dog adjusts to its new home.

Dog-led Decompression Tips Document 

Dog-led Decompression Tips Video

Resources for Domestic Violence Survivors

Resources for Domestic Violence Survivors

There are a few options that may work for the survivor:

First and most locally, is through Multnomah County’s shelter, they have a program called ‘Pets In Crisis’ where the animals could be boarded and cared for in our local shelter until an alternative housing opportunity for them and their person is available. Contact: 503 988 7387

If the survivor is also in need of housing at this time, Washington County’s Domestic Violence Resource Center runs Monika’s House – Monika’s House has on site housing for companion animals. This option would allow for the survivor to remain with her animals until a more permanent option is identified. Contact: 503-469-8620 placement is done through a phone screening.

You may find assistance for other resources through Multco’s DVERT team, you can find their referral form and more information here.

And finally, Red Rover has a grant program where you as an advocate working with the survivor would be able to refer them to receive funding for placement in a local boarding facility, information on that program can be found here.

Our Vet Partners

Wildwood Veterinary Clinic


3734 SW Moody Ave. Portland, OR 97239

Brooklyn Yard Veterinary Hospital


1280 SE Holgate Blvd. Portland, OR 97202