What the coronavirus and COVID-19 mean for OTAT PDX


Our events have been canceled until further notice.

Our relief trip to West Texas is postponed. Donations are being used to fund as many projects as we can from afar, the rest is being set aside for when we can safely and responsibly travel again.

Rescue intake and programs

Our intake and adoption programs are still running. We are staying committed to the dogs we agreed to save with various shelter partners. We are adjusting our foster and adoption processes to be in accordance with as much social distancing as possible and have advised fosters, adoption counselors, and adopters on additional precautionary measures.

We have received literally hundreds of new foster applications and our volunteers are working tirelessly to approve and integrate everyone into our program.  The reality is that we were not prepared for such an influx of help. We only have so much staff, so many supplies, and so much availability. But, we’re not going to throw our hands up, close intake, or stop accepting new fosters. Instead, we’re going to get creative, dig deep, and save some dogs. If you have submitted a foster application, please be patient in waiting for a response — no need to follow-up with an email checking on your status.

Community Support

If you are in need of food for your companion animals, or are unable to walk your dog, please fill out this form. We will be fulfilling requests to the best of our ability.

Partner Support Raffle

Many of the businesses that have supported us over the years are having to reduce their staff or close entirely. Now is a great time to show these local establishments that we’ll be back as soon as it’s safe and responsible by purchasing gift cards to be redeemed in the future.

We’ll be entering everyone who buys a gift card to one of the following businesses into a weekly raffle for $50 worth of OTAT PDX merchandise. To enter, please forward your gift card receipt to donations@otatpdx.org.

List of partners:

Homegrown Smoker


Jet Black Coffee Company

Emergency Plan

As a reminder, it’s a good idea to have an emergency plan in place for your own companions should the worst occur. That includes 2-4 weeks of extra food, supplies, and medication, as well as a safe place for them to go should you need it.

Here’s how to help:

*Donate. The more money and supplies we have, the more dogs get saved and support we can provide our community.


*Become a member. $10/month is all it takes to know we’ve got each other’s backs — we’ll be able to keep saving puppies, you’ll have access to our inner circle of support.


*Drink water, eat the healthiest comfort food you can make, breathe, stretch, pet your dog, look at photos of puppies, go for a walk, call for a talk, get sleep, and take care of yourself to avoid the other major health concern right now: stress.

We’re all in this together.