One Tail at a Time | PDX (“OTAT PDX”) is a 501(c)(3) all-breed, no-kill, foster-based companion animal rescue based in Portland, Oregon.


To improve the lives of companion animals by providing humane, individualized care and a chance to know the comforts of a loving home through advocacy, education, and support of those in need.​

Core Values

  • COMPASSION for animals and the humans who care for them. We believe in respecting the dignity of all living creatures and aim to create a positive, kind, empathetic, and inclusive environment. 
  • COMMITMENT to a humane quality of care using science-based welfare standards to consider and address the needs of animals as individuals. 
  • COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT by providing education, resources, and support through our programs that aim to foster thoughtful engagement and participation. 
  • TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY through clear and open communication that aims to build and sustain our community’s trust.


Juli Zagrans


Juli is an Illinois attorney who moved to Portland in 2013 for her Animal Law LL.M. from the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School. After volunteering with OTAT in Chicago since 2010, Juli wanted to bring its mission, passion, and policies to the PNW in order to save even more dogs in need. Juli has personally fostered over 80 dogs to date and, briefly, Kevin the pig. Aside from wanting to improve the lives of animals, humans, and the environment in which they live, Juli loves getting lost on her motorcycle somewhere in nature.

Adam Wright


Originally from Kansas City, MO, Adam has been an animal lover for as long as he can remember — if it breathes, he probably wanted to pet it growing up. He has a passion for non-profits, having worked at Special Olympics Missouri and Visit KC before joining OTAT PDX. Aside from fighting for a better environment for all of Earth’s inhabitants, Adam and his partner Kaitlyn love traveling the world and taking long hikes with their rescue dogs Kauffman and Rieger.

Alexander Case


Alex is a Midwest transplant whose love of nature, mild weather, vegan comfort food, music, and dog culture brought him to Oregon. He started volunteering with OTAT PDX early on in the timeline, fell in love with the mission, and stuck around. He has worn many different hats: he is a relief team member, has done everything from fostering to photography, and is currently merchandise/graphics coordinator. When not working with OTAT PDX Alex works for a local record label called Tender Loving Empire, plays and records music in several projects, loves to camp with his pups, rides bikes and motorcycles, volunteers with with other local nonprofits, and also adopted his very own OTAT PDX dog (and teddy bear) Maybi, who is the perfect younger sister to his older dog, Motley.

Amy Dunn


Amy’s work with OTAT PDX began with five of the most powerful words in the English language: “can I pet your dog?” A lifelong dog lover and repeat rescuer, she’s been fostering, volunteering, and advocating for OTAT ever since that chance encounter. Amy believes there is no greater joy in life than a dog on a freedom ride (probably in it for the selfies) and no better place for a pup to find a forever home than Oregon (typical native Portlander). Amy spends her workdays at a local tech company, her evenings and weekends rescuing dogs, and every spare moment with her foster-failure hellhound, Warby.


Nicole Brodeur


Nicole is a producer and angel investor based in Portland, Oregon. She joined OTAT PDX in 2016 as a foster, created the Foster Coordinator position in 2017, and has served as Associate Board President since 2018. In June of 2019 she and her husband adopted Sheila, a nine year old American bully. Nicole serves on four nonprofit boards in addition to OTAT PDX. When not volunteering you can find her gardening, developing new vegan food recipes and hanging out with her husband, dogs Cookie and Sheila, and cat Beatrix.

Missi Clements


Missi grew up alongside dogs whilst trying to take in or meet every animal she met along the way. [Way] back in high school she began volunteering for local dog rescues and hosting adoption events and quickly fell in love with it. Her passion for dog rescue was reignited in 2015 when she adopted her soul-mutt, Olive. The following year she began volunteering with OTAT PDX and things escalated quickly; she’s worn many hats within the organization. After over 3 years of nearly non-stop fostering, she “foster failed” and adopted her other soul-mutt in the summer of 2019, aptly naming him Foster. By day, Missi works as the Director of Operations for a small yet mighty local real estate group, The Twin Team, who is also strong OTAT PDX supporters and adopters.

Michelle Cvitanich


Michelle moved from Tacoma Washington to Portland Oregon in 2013 and has been in love with dogs since 1987. She first started fostering for One Tail at a Time in 2016 and joined the Associate Board the following year in 2017. When she is not obsessing over all things pups, Michelle can be found teaching Health at Benson High School to ninth graders by day and either loving on her rescue pup Donna at Sandy River Delta, or at her home she shares with her husband Michael, in her free time.

Kelsey Klingenberg


Raised in rural CO as an only child, dogs (and cats, rabbits and one horse) were Kelsey’s friends/neighbors. Kelsey adopted her first rescue in 2006 and when she passed in 2017 she, along with her husband, joined OTAT to start fostering. Since then she has both fostered and joined the relief team. When she’s not knee deep in dogs she’s making spaces pretty through interior design – and when not working she’ll likely on her back patio enjoying a hoppy beer with her two rescue dogs, Lola and Ollie, rescue cat, Eddie Spaghetti, and her five chickens.

Chelsea Lane-Cutright


Chelsea joined OTAT PDX in 2017 as a foster and volunteer after becoming enamored with the org through their local community events at some of her favorite Portland haunts. Since then she has volunteered as an adoption counselor and joined the Associate Board in 2019. When not volunteering with OTAT, Chelsea works in animal healthcare, managing a general practice veterinary clinic. Chelsea and her husband share their home with their senior pup Igby, their OTAT foster fail Otis, and the ruler of the the house, their cat Frank.

Becca Leediker


Becca fell in love with OTAT and their mission after bumping into our Executive director on none other than Craigslist. Since first getting involved, she has been a foster, adoption counselor, relief trip participant and associate board member. During the days Becca dedicates her time to supporting domestic violence and sex trafficking victims. When not volunteering for OTAT or working, she enjoys spending time with her family including her human puppy, 2 dogs and husband.

Maureen Minister


Maureen started volunteering with OTAT in 2017 where she has done a little bit of everything from fostering to adoption counseling to events and fundraising, she also participated in the OTAT relief trip to Puerto Rico. She spends her days working as the Conservation Manager for the Port of Portland and enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors, hiking and camping, with her two rescue pups, Cali and Pedro.

Clara Ridabock


Clara Ridabock, bartender by night, dog person by day, Special Events Coordinator for extravagant puppy parties.

Alessandra Silver


Haley Stewart-Reynolds


Haley joined OTAT PDX in 2018 after moving to Portland from Fort Collins, Colorado. In addition to serving on the Associate Board, Haley is an active foster for OTAT PDX dogs and helps coordinate events as well as volunteers for the organization. Haley’s dedication to animal welfare and advocacy doesn’t stop with OTAT PDX. During the day, Haley works as a wildlife protection manager with the Humane Society of the United States, fighting for native carnivores across the U.S. She enjoys spending her free time hiking and camping in the woods with her husband, Jim, and dog, Avery. Haley also has a cat, Rama, who prefers to stay at home.

Emi Tice


Emi began volunteering for OTAT PDX in 2018 and is now Adoption Counselor Coordinator, as well as being a member of the Associate Board. Across 9 moves through 6 states, Emi feels most at home here in Oregon, where she has lived since 2007. Emi’s day job is an administrative & permit coordination role with a local, family-owned fire sprinkler contractor. When not at work or working for the pups, Emi is at home with her partner, Kendall, their cat, Weaslebee, and new (OTAT!) pup, Devo – and is often found doing a crossword, cooking, watching Jeopardy, or obsessively trying to beat her own score at Tetris.