Update 10/21/20

Due to the unprecedented number of applications we have received over the past several weeks, we are temporarily suspending our general adoption application to give our volunteer adoption counselors a chance to catch-up.

If you have not yet applied and are interested in adopting any of the following dogs, we are still accepting new applications for them — email adoptions@otatpdx.org to get started. 







If you are an approved adopter, you can still update your application to express interest in new dogs. We will respond only if the dog is available to meet.

We appreciate that so many members of our community would like to adopt a dog from us. We would love nothing more than to be the source connecting all of you with your new best friend. We also encourage the adoption of dogs from the following places:

Multnomah County Animal Services
Southwest Washington Humane Society
Clackamas County Dog Services
Family Dogs New Life Shelter
NW Dog Project
Humane Society of Central Oregon

Remember: not all rescues are created equal. Research when looking to adopt and only support reputable shelters or organizations. Here are some common characteristics we’ve found in those doing it right:

  • 501c3 nonprofit;
  • Provides thorough medical screening and basic care before adoption;
  • Spays/neuters;
  • Will take the dog back at any time for any reason;
  • Does a thorough adoption screening and match;
  • Does not overcommit to animals they do not have the resources to support;
  • Uses humane, science-based behavior and veterinary practices;
  • Commits to transparency in actions and business practices.

We believe buying an animal from a breeder or private person is never a good idea when there are millions of others still killed each year in this country alone. We know that any kind of dog can be found through rescue (though it may take some patience) and every kind of dog is a good dog who deserves a chance.

Adoption Application

The first step in adopting a dog from OTAT PDX is submitting an adoption survey. Before you begin, you will want to have the following information handy:

  • Your landlord’s name and phone number, if you rent your home
  • Your veterinarian’s name and phone number, if you already have one
  • The names and phone numbers of two references who are not related to you

If you have previously been approved to adopt with OTAT PDX and would like to express interest in a dog for whom you did not previously apply, please fill out this form.

Adoption Process

  1. Fill out our adoption survey below. If you have previously been approved to adopt with OTAT PDX, please fill out this update form to apply for a different dog. If you do not know your unique ID, please email ID@otatpdx.org.
  2. An Adoption Counselor (AC) will screen and review your application as soon as possible. The AC will then contact you and answer any questions you may have and hopefully set up an introduction to meet the dog. All dogs spend a minimum of one week in a foster home before they are available for introductions, but all things being equal introductions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
  3. If all goes well at the introduction, the AC will finalize the adoption.
  4. Adoptions may take place immediately if the prospective dog gets along well with all members of the family.
  5. Our adoption fees are $500 for puppies 6 months and younger, $450 for puppies 7-12 months, $400 for adult dogs, and $300 for seniors over the age of 7 years. We also offer a special $100 donation fee for seniors (humans 65+) adopting seniors (dogs 7+). All fees cover wellness exam, spay/neuter, age-appropriate vaccinations, heartworm test, deworming, and microchip.
  6. At the finalization you will receive your new companion’s medical records, a copy of our adoption contract, and information about our community partners and continuing discounts. It is also at the finalization that the dog’s adoption fee must be paid and all supplies returned to the rescue.
  7. After adopting an OTAT PDX dog, you will receive benefits and support for the lifetime of the dog!

Thanks for your interest in adopting from One Tail at a Time!