Best Buddy

Best Buddy

9 months, 40lbs.

Male pit mix

Simply the best


Sweet and spunky with a head made of velvet and heart of gold, Best Buddy was born with a luxating patella (also known as a trick knee) and is currently recovering from double knee surgery performed on June 7th. Healing well with good look incisions, BB needs to take it easy for a few more weeks still but then can’t wait to run and jump like a normal puppy. Nevertheless, Best Buddy won’t ever be a true adventure buddy and will need a relatively chill life of walks, yard time and playing with toys as opposed to training for a triathlon.

Making quick progress in overcoming shyness to new situations, house manners and potty training, Best Buddy does great in a crate and quickly warms up to people. A cuddle monster who loves playing with toys or chewing a bone while hanging out on the couch with humans, Best Buddy will make a fun addition to any family committed to the time and attention a young dog needs for continued training, socialization, and will be comfortable accommodating any future physical limitations.