Age: 13 weeks

Weight: 15 lbs

Sex: Male

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Heeler mix

Dogs: In foster with other dogs

Kids: Unknown

Cats: Unknown

In a Nutshell: Burgundy is a bundle of love that enjoys being near you and snuggling with you for nap time. Like most puppies, he loves to play and to chew on everything, though he redirects easily if needed. He enjoys playing with the resident dogs in his foster home and he is learning social cues from them. He is brave and confident when exploring and meeting new people. He is also a growing boy with a voracious appetite who uses a snufflemat to eat from rather than a bowl to help slow him down. Burgundy also enjoys his frozen peanut butter stuffed in a toy as a treat! He sleeps in his crate at night and, while he’s still working on potty training, he will wake you up to go potty rather than going in his space. Like all puppies, Burgundy will benefit from adoptive guardians committed to continuing his learning with additional positive reinforcement training. As a puppy under 1 year old, Burgundy will be available for adoption beginning with the Worth the Wait List prior to general adoption applications.