Age: 2 years

Weight: 60 lbs

Sex: Male

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Hound mix

Dogs: In foster with other dogs

Kids: Unknown; seems like he would love them and maybe best suited for older/sturdier kids

Cats: Unknown

In a Nutshell: Don’t let his gorgeousness intimidate you, Carmine is the Duke of Dufus, the Gentleman of Goof. ALL LOVE. Tall, long and lean (think baby camel learning to walk and run). He loves to play with dogs: run, chase or wrestle (or lay on the ground and lazy-play while doing his best Chewbacca imitation). Don’t want to play? Okay, you provide the toys to play with and he’ll happily entertain himself. Smart and eager to learn. Want to walk? Yes Please! (he might even be a good running buddy). Want to cuddle on the couch? Yes Please! Want a Leaner (if you know, you know)? Yes, please! Want a dog who will spend a lazy weekend mornings cuddling in bed? Yes Please!