Age: 8~ years

Weight: 17 lbs

Sex: Male

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Terrier Mix

Dogs: In foster with another dog; does great and would benefit having an easy going buddy to help him navigate his surroundings easier.

Kids: Unknown but likely a best fit with older kids who can understand the needs of a blind dog.

Cats: In foster with cats and doing great! Mostly ignores them unless they come to him and then he’s more curious than anything.

In a Nutshell: Clint is a softie (literally) looking for love! He is a very easy going guy with a pretty chill demeanor. He loves a lap and will reach up to be picked up like a human but careful, because it will melt your heart. While fully blind in one eye and mostly in the other, with a little patience and guidance Clint can map a house easily as long as your surroundings don’t change often, and can even navigate up and down furniture if you’ve got some pet stairs to help him. His super ears are his super power and allow him to keep up pretty easily. Even though he’s sight challenged he walks well on a leash but enjoys a good stop and sniff with the best of them. Clint is a big explorer who loves to wander outside and would benefit greatly from a home with a fenced backyard that he can explore safely. He does have the occasional bump into things, but no more than most of us quite honestly! He is mostly house trained but does have the occasional accident if you’re not paying attention. His current foster is working on button training to be let out. He would do best in a home that has minimal stairs or where most of the action is on the ground floor.