Curly Wurly

Age: 1 year

Weight: 17 lbs

Sex: Male

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Poodle Mix

Dogs: Has lived with other dogs in the past

Kids: Unknown

Cats: Has lived with cats in the past; did fine with dog-savvy felines but chased cats who ran

In a Nutshell: Curly Wurly is a sweet, happy, loving dog. He can be a bit nervous meeting new people, but the second they crouch down and offer a hand for a pet, his little tail starts wagging and he practically jumps in their lap to soak up all the attention. Curly enjoys going on walks (the second you grab his leash he eagerly races to the door!) where he can experience the outdoors instead of just seeing it through his foster’s windows, frustrated that he can’t join in the fun. His absolute favorite is a game of fetch, carrying more than one toy in his mouth at a time, napping, and searching for the best place in the house to “bury” his bone. Curly’s ideal place to be is wherever his people are. At just around a year old, he’s got a playful, goofy puppy personality, but is equally happy to snooze the day away. His fosters rate him 10/10 certified good boy.