Age: 4 months

Weight: 26 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Great Pyrenees Mix

Dogs: In foster with other dogs

Kids: Unknown

Cats: Unknown; has interacted with cats outdoors and done well, deferential when they’ve wanted space

In a Nutshell: Marmite is a sweet girl who loves people, dogs, cats and being out in her yard. She is a puppy still learning all the things: how to control those legs, what is okay & not okay to chew on etc.. The Big City with all its noise is a bit much right now but she’s slowly exploring and gathering sounds and noises in her “it’s okay bank” of knowledge. She is learning more and more everyday. She sleeps like a champ in her crate and doesn’t make a peep when left alone in her crate. She would love home with a fenced yard, another confident playful pup or human who will play with her and take their time to figure out how much and what kind of outside home time is the right amount for her.  As a dog under year of age, she will be available for adoption beginning with the Worth the Wait List prior to general adoption applications.