Age: 1 year

Weight: 45 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Shar Pei Mix

Dogs: Living in dogs with foster – does best with dogs her own size

Cats: Unknown

Kids: Her size/energy level might make her a bit ‘much’ for very young/small kids, but she has met a 7 yr old kiddo and done great!

In a Nutshell: Murren is a friendly, inquisitive, and energetic girl. She loves playing with all types of toys, chasing squirrels, and hanging out in the yard. She wants to play with every dog she meets, big or small – but she is still learning social cues and her play style can be a bit rambunctious, so she can be a bit overwhelming to some dogs, especially those smaller than her. She is also working on potty training and getting more comfortable in a car. She is a fast learner, having mastered the dog-door in two days. Murren loves to be with people, leaning into you to ask for pets and snuggles. She is a very affectionate and sweet dog.