Age: 4 years

Weight: 4 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Chihuahua

Dogs: In foster with other dogs

Kids: Unknown

Cats: In foster with cats

In a Nutshell: Weighing it at just under 5 lbs, 4 year old Nettle is looking for her forever friend who enjoys walks, cuddles, play time and curling up with a good book providing her a lap in which to lay. Nettle likes dressing up to look fashionable or just to stay warm – hold her outfit up for her and she practically dresses herself. If she catches you reaching for her harness she will go wild with excitement, dancing around and voicing encouragement at your decision to take her somewhere. Nettle is completely house trained, even if it means going outside in weather that is either under 80 degrees or unacceptably rainy. She’s crate trained too: second to your lap she loves the luxury of a warm bed and blanket in her private ensuite kennel, so long as it’s equipped with water and snacks. Nettle is currently living in a foster home with humans, cats and dogs – she tolerates the chaos of so many roommates, but she wants a forever home more than anything!