Age: 15 weeks

Weight: 14 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Heeler Mix

Dogs: In foster with another dog

Kids: Unknown

Cats: Unknown

In a Nutshell: Peggy-O is the sweetest, floppiest puppy you’ll ever meet! She is timid and can take a while to warm up but once she does you’ll be greeted with the happiest wagging tail and hugs (she wraps her legs around you). She plays beautifully with her foster’s resident dog and has impressed everyone with her unusual summersaults, mid-air spins, and wiggly moves. Peggy-O has impressed us since arriving in PDX: seemingly potty-trained, crate-trained, capable of self-initiating nap time, and eager to learn when treats are involved. Like all puppies. she is beginning to explore more confidently and is actively teething but responds well to redirection and chew toys – we’re confident this girl will do fabulously in the care of a forever home guardian committed to using positive reinforcement training techniques to help her grow into her best self. As a puppy under one year of age, Peggy-O will be available for adoption beginning with the Worth the Wait List prior to general adoption applications.