Age: 1.5 years

Weight: 13 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Spaniel Mix

Dogs: Living in foster with another dog – plays well

Cats: Previously lived with cats and did well

Kids: Living in foster with kids and doing great

In a Nutshell: Picnic is an amazing, loyal, friendly, even tempered dog. She loves love and attention and will come running to lick your face and cuddle if you call her name. She’s a great size for a small home or apartment. She does amazingly well with all humans, even little kids running around and hugging her. She sleeps like a dream cuddled next to a human all night. She is potty-trained and house-trained and has been left home alone with another dog for 3 hours where she napped calmly. She doesn’t bite, chew, or get into things. If she’s not cuddled up on a human, she is napping or chewing a bone. She is learning how to go on walks and follows another dogs lead really well. She enjoys playing with another dog, but would also do well as the only dog in the home. Overall, she is quiet, mellow-tempered and loving!