Age: 5 years

Weight: 46 lbs

Sex: Male

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Pit Bull Mix

Dogs: Truman’s not a good fit to live with other dogs but has learned to comfortably share a fence line with his foster’s neighbor’s dogs

Kids: Truman has stayed in foster homes with older kids and done great! He might be too bouncy/excited for young/small kids.

Cats: No

In a Nutshell: Truman is a total sweetheart who *loves* people! He’s a quick-learner who welcomes the chance to learn new things but also appreciates the simple things in life – belly rubs and snoozing on the sofa are heaven for Tru. He’s a happy guy outdoors where he’ll find the sun spot and hang out while you garden or join you on your next camping trip, making him the ideal PNW partner.  While Truman loves the company of humans he also does really well left home alone for several hours too so he’s the best of both worlds: a dog who cherishes your company but doesn’t require it.  You’ve heard of a “people-person”? Truman is a “people-dog” – while he struggles around other dogs, he is always excited and eager to meet and love on new people.

Truman is seeking an adoptive home with no other animals and with a fenced yard.

Check out these Truman Testimonials from folks who’ve cared for him:

  • Truman has made himself right at home with us and we are feeling so lucky to spend time with this special man before he finds his forever family. If you hear of anyone looking to add a Professional Little Spoon; specializing in Superior Snuggling, with sad almond eyes and pointy party-hat ears to their fam, the search ends with Truman
  • We were able to host Truman for about a week and he was such an easy houseguest! He immediately meshed with our family and made himself at home. Truman spent much of his time snoozing and snuggling on the couch, or relaxing in the backyard, making him the perfect work-from-home companion. He was a favorite foster of our 9 year old, and would often be found snuggled up alongside him while he read or played video games. He has the most hilarious “squirrel alarm” yodel he does and takes his squirrel patrol job very seriously. Tru is such a smart boy, he knows all the basic commands and was always easily redirected while chasing a squirrel out of our garden.
  • Let me be the millionth person to say this, how is Truman not adopted yet?! He is such an amazing dog, we’re all falling head over heels for him. Yesterday his more playful side came out and we got in a couple silly, zoomies filled, play sessions. He’s also a professional couch snuggler/snoozer and always finds a way to be by our kiddos side, even if he’s gotta squeeze himself in.

Truman’s adoption fee is $100 because he’s been adoptable longer than 30 consecutive days.