White Horse

Age: 3 years

Weight: 44 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Mixed Breed

Dogs: Has lived with other dogs in the past

Kids: Unknown

Cats: In foster with a cat

In a Nutshell: White Horse has stolen the heart of every person she has met. She is so sweet that it is fun watching her meet new people. She is an easy going girl whose happy place is by her human’s side. She was completely at ease in her foster home the first day and has loved everyone she has encountered. She walks well on a leash but does want to chase squirrels, though she does not bother or chase the resident cat. She seems potty trained but just needs a little patience and encouragement to go on a leash. If you’re looking for a sweet, loving, loyal best friend who will melt your heart with one look into those naturally lined puppy dog eyes, then look no further because White Horse is your girl!