Age: 1 year

Weight: 26 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Heeler Mix

Dogs: In foster with another dog; great with other dogs!

Kids: Has been around kids and seems to enjoy their company

Cats: Lived well with dog-savvy cats in previous Texas foster

In a Nutshell: A wonderful combination of gremlin-meets-hyena-meets-teddy bear, Yonder is proving to be a truly exceptional pup. She’s loves the company of people, is great with other dogs and shares space well (including food and toys), and has done well left alone, loose in the house with some mild puppy proofing for up to 4 hours. She is *almost* 100% on her potty training, and brings a certain zest to her daily walks in the neighborhood. Like many “heeler” mixes, Yonder does like to help direct her people and dog friends to the locations she wants them to be with mild nudges to ankles and hands. She can also be startled by loud or new noises or movements typical of city living, but is easily reassured and likely to acclimate over time. Yonder will make an excellent companion to an active family excited to show her what the Pacific Northwest has to offer, and committed to the continued training and socialization that will benefit any dog, and in particular a young working breed dog.