• Adoptable Marley letting you know that our Spring Membership drive is back on after a pause to focus all social media efforts on finding Bunny. The thing of it is though, whether we’re looking for Bunny, saving new dogs from shelters or staying committed to the ones we adopt out for their lifetime, we need funds to do so. For the same price as one pizza a month our members help us save lives and not give up on them, ever. Sign up this week during our (continued) drive to win merch — today’s gift is so new we haven’t even sold them at events yet (swipe to see). Pick a logo beanie in any color when we draw your name for becoming a member today and everybody who signs up wins at least the membership gift of socks. Link in bio. You won’t miss that $10 but it’ll make the world of difference to dogs like Marley.
  • “You ever dream in 3D? It’s like an adopter is coming RIGHT AT YOU.” -Kramer
  • After spending all weekend in a crate traveling from West Texas to Portland, meeting his foster family, having a hot meal and a bath, then finding the double decker heated dog bed near the DAP diffuser... don’t expect Flock to be getting up any time soon. Sleep it off for however long you need, bud.
  • It’s been a tough few days. Thursday was meant to have us heading into the weekend feeling good after welcoming 4 new dogs (the cast of Seinfeld) from Kauai but Bunny getting loose derailed that plan. We spent all weekend focusing our efforts and manpower to getting her back and even though we’re frustrated it hasn’t worked yet, aren’t giving up hope or the search. We also know there are other dogs who need us to care as much about them as we do about Bunny — we committed to them, too. So we were glad we got to closeout the trying long weekend on a high note by welcoming 5 more buddies from West Texas to the good life. We’ve been in talks to save this batch for a while and wasn’t about to go back on our word even though all we want is to press pause until Bunny is found. So thank you to our *incredible* network of fosters, volunteers, and followers who aided in our search for Bunny and held down the fort otherwise so that we could focus on her. We’ve been reminded yet again we’re hardly in this alone and that at least feels good when things go bad. So meet some of our newest crews.
  • Get down to @virtuous_pie to meet Richey, Rags and Marley for an ice cream sundae social, going till 3pm. Richey is holding out for an ice cream sandwich.

Haute Dog Fashion Show

may, 2019

26may11:00 am3:00 pmOTAT PDX Family Reunion Picnic11:00 am - 3:00 pm PST