Volunteer for OTAT PDX!

One Tail at a Time | PDX depends on individual animal lovers to care for and help spread the word about our dogs in need. If you would like to do your part to save a life, fill out the form below to sign-up to volunteer!

Volunteer opportunities are separate from our foster program, another volunteer role that we depend on to care for our dogs. To learn more about fostering, click here.

You must be 21 years or older in order to volunteer with us.

Volunteer Teams

OTAT volunteers are able to join one of the following teams:

  • Dog Walking / Running Team: If you have experience walking dogs and enjoy getting out of the house — on foot — this is the team for you! Our foster homes often need help getting their foster dogs some extra exercise, and that’s where the Dog Walking / Running team comes in. Sign-up for this team for some hands-on-leash dog exercise time.
  • Dog Transport Team: If you have a car and always thought being a Lyft driver might be fun, then this is the team for you! Our dogs often need transport to the vet, events, and more. So if you’ve got four wheels and are open to a dog as your co-pilot, sign-up for the Dog Transport team.
  • Event Staff Team: Are you the person who can’t help but get into conversations with strangers at the coffee shop about dog rescue? Then the event team will be your jam! This crew staffs OTAT’s public events, answering questions about OTAT, selling merchandise, and hanging out with adoptable dogs. Sign-up for this team to take part in the most fun events in Portland.
  • Event Planning Team: You know the best caterers in town, have connections at all of the event venues, and love a good seating chart: the Event Planning team is for you! OTAT puts on several fundraising events throughout the year, all run by volunteers. If you’re a backstage guru, the event planning team is for you.
  • Fundraising Team: Did you sell the most wrapping paper in your school fundraiser? The most cookies in your troupe? Then the Fundraising team is for you! Sign-up to help OTAT create new fundraising opportunities and collaborate with the team on our yearly silent auction.
  • Graphic Design Team: Calling professional graphic designers and artists! Did you doodle puppies all over your notebooks during math? Then this is the team for you! Graphic designers are needed to help with event signage, merchandise designs, social media posts, and more. To put those wasted years of math to good use, sign-up for the Graphic Design team!
  • Gratitude Team: If your handwriting is always getting compliments and your parents never had to remind you to send a thank you card for that birthday gift: the Gratitude team is for you. Help us thank all the awesome humans who support OTAT’s work by joining this team today!
  • Grooming Team: If you were more interested in styling your stuffed dog’s hair than Barbie’s, then this is the team for you! Foster dogs will often need nail trims and hair cuts. If you have dog grooming experience, sign-up for this team to pamper foster dogs and help them lead their best lives.
  • Photography/Videography Team: All right shutter-bugs, these dogs are ready for their close-ups! Helping foster pups put their best paw forward in photos for the adoptable page of the website, event photography, and videos that highlight programming are some of the volunteer opportunities for this team.
  • Supply Team: Do you love cleaning out your closet and organizing cabinets? This is the team for you! Our supplies team connects our foster homes with all the supplies needed to care for their foster dogs. Being part of the supply team means a 4 – 6 hour commitment every couple of months to host “office hours” at our storage facility. Supply team members must have access to a car.
  • Web Team: You’re the go-to IT person in your house, you know your pixels from your microns, and tackling bugs is kind of your thing — the web team needs you! Periodic updates to our website along with some troubleshooting is needed on a semi-regular basis. Experience with WordPress a plus.

Put on an Event, Hold a Donation Drive or Spread Awareness!

We are open to YOUR ideas to help our dogs! Email us at Volunteers@otatpdx.org with questions or ideas.