Age: 2 years

Weight: 14 lbs

Sex: Male

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Terrier Mix

Dogs: Has been housed with other dogs in past

Cats: Living with cats in foster now

Kids: Prob no very young/little kids, but older/dog-savvy kids may be fine

In a Nutshell: Afterglow has been doing well in foster. He sleeps well in his crate through the night. He has been crated once during the day and barked and whined initially, but did settle in and was quiet. He loves other dogs and plays well with dogs of all sizes. He walks nicely on the leash and seems to really enjoy his walks. He is living with cats and doing pretty well – he is unsure and curious about them but they all seem to be tolerating each other and he can likely live with cats long-term. It took him a minute to warm up to male-presenting person at home, but now they are best buds. He has a tendency to bark at new people who enter the home, but warms up quickly. He loves to play with toys, especially to chase a ball. He can be a little mouthy when playing/excited, and also has shown some handling sensitivity, so we think he will do best in a home without very young/little kids, though older/dog-savvy kids who can give him space as needed, would be fine! Afterglow is treat/food motivated and affectionate.