Age: 8 months

Weight: 54 lbs

Sex: Female

Breed Stated on Paperwork: Bernese Mountain Dog mix

Dogs: Has been housed with other dogs in the past but would prefer to be the only dog in her forever home

Kids:  In foster with kids; best suited for homes with older kids (teenagers or older!)

Cats: Has been housed with cats in the past; was curious and wanted to chase

In a Nutshell: Topaz wants nothing more than to snuggle and be your best friend! She’s accommodating and inquisitive and wants to go wherever her human goes – Topaz has won over everyone she’s met with her sweet demeanor and goofy playfulness. For being such a young dog she is very calm and has picked up new routines and habits easily.

Topaz came to us with a medical consideration affecting her heart and, after extensive diagnostics and consultation with specialists, we’ve established a treatment plan that works for this big ole’ puppy which enables her to be eligible for adoption to a forever family who is able to continue administering her medication and commit to future veterinary reassessment as needed. If you’re interested in Topaz and want to learn more about what her medical care requires, please email and we’re happy to fill you in!